A well trained dog is a pleasure to own and a companion to be proud of.... do you have one?

Despite attending basic training classes is your dogs recall at best intermittent, at worst non-existent?  Does your dog take you for a walk....? .  These are two of the most common problems we come across, due to the lack of effective training of both owners and their dogs.  To train your dog well you need to be given sufficient knowledge to have a basic understanding of how a dogs mind works, how to motivate your dog to learn and to train effectively.  Sadly in many training classes, time is simply not allocated to these basic but essential principles which will all be addressed within your behavioural consultation.   Training an owner to use a  technique itself is easy enough as it is a mechanical process, but to simply do this overlooks the importance of the relationship between you and your dog which is fundamental.  You can teach someone a dance if you know the steps but how you teach it will be fundamental to the relationship you build with that person...

Pamela offers one to one training sessions to help you learn how to train your dog effectively and at the same time have some fun and improve your relationship!

All individual training sessions are bespoke to your individual needs and requirements.  they cover for example learning and being able to use  effectively basic commands,  loose lead walking, recall training etc.  

Please  note  if your dog is displaying behavioural problems such as rowdy behaviour; jumping; biting; being aggressive; possessive etc these are matters that will require a behavioural consultation.  Behavioural problems are not suitable to be dealt with in basic training sessions as they require more  detailed analysis and guidance.  

If you are not sure if one to one training or a behavioural consultation is needed please do not hesitate to contact us we will always look for the best and most effective way of meeting yours and your dogs needs and requirements......

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