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Our Pawsomely Perfect puppy packages are designed prepare you for the best possible puppy experience. 

Whether you are a new puppy parent or about to be one, you will have spend a good amount of time choosing and money on purchasing your new puppy (and on a variety of equipment no doubt). However, undoubtedly the most overlooked but most important thing for a happy, contented dog and happy stress free family is to have a well trained and well behaved dog that has learnt to behave appropriately in a variety of social situations...... Your puppy will be learning about all sorts of things both from his/her environment and how you interact with them from the minute you take them through the front door, even when you are not actively training them, ideally this is when PUPPY SCHOOLING needs to start, not six months down the line.

Being a new puppy parent can be quite the baptism of fire with all of your pre conceived ideas of how your perfect puppy will be trained and behave not quite going according to plan! It does not need to be this way!

We have a variety of Pawsomely Perfect Puppy Packages to  suite your needs and guide you through those first incredibly important months..... They cover everything from the pee puddles, early socialisation and training to a crucial basic understanding of the dogs mind and how they learn.......

Bespoke packages are also available to suit your individual requirements and circumstances .

We have three set packages available and a link to each is below:-

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Premium Puppy Package!AmDIxktjKOAmkRjEMzXFlPeVsHPl?e=ioHAji

Premium Plus Package!AmDIxktjKOAmkRMktmhvga8ZukOD?e=hf6lEz

For detailed costs information please click on each link above.