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Pamela Hindes
Certified Canine
Behaviour Consultant

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Behaviour Modification
and ​Training for
'Both Ends of
the Lead'

I can help YOU...


Are you struggling with dog aggression issues;  reactivity; separation anxiety; fears or phobias; or other behavioural issues?

Feel like you are at your wits end...........?

Tried the 'one size fits all' techniques on or off line?



and want the best start for your new puppy or dog?




Hi,  I’m Pamela Hindes, Certified Canine Behaviourist* and Master Dog Trainer**

I have spent over a decade not only resolving a  variety of canine behavioural issues but also helping engender relationships of mutual understanding and trust and creating strong bonds and rewarding relationships between owners and their canine companions.  I also focus on helping rebuild those relationships that have become strained or fractured.  


I hold not only professional dog training qualifications but am also a full member of the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association and as such am able to take vetinary referrrals through your insurance company if your pet insurance cover incorporates behavioural issues.  If not, we can of course still work together.


Whether you are starting out on the journey of life with your canine companion (puppy or adult), or are some way along the path there will be one commonality, which I realised long ago, is that it takes ‘two to tango’ in any successful dog/owner relationship.  It was from this insight that I set out to develop a method of canine behaviour modification that incorporated not only various strands of tried and tested science but also helping people to reach out for a deeper connection. From this my Mutual Understanding and Trust Training ('M.U.T.T')® evolved, which is fundamental to all behaviour modification advice and training I provide






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“I'm at the end of my tether. I don’t think we can keep our dog much longer if this behaviour continues. It’s all so stressful, I simply cannot cope anymore.”

My heart breaks every time I hear this from an owner but I do understand. When an owner or family feel that their dog’s behaviour is out of control, where their relationship feels like it has failed, it can become one of the most stressful and difficult situations for any household to deal with.

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THAT IS WHY... I set out to apply my academic background, to unearth how to cultivate  a relationship of mutual harmony and real understanding in the human/canine relationship.  Over several years I obtained a raft of academic qualifications, reviewed countless scientific studies, dived deeply into canine behavioural and complementary  sciences and spoke with and listened to experts in various disciplines of animal science from around the world. 








The real ‘aah haa’ moment



was when I realised it was not all about the science, as fundamentally important as it was. 

The science, like the training was simply part of the recipe. 

There was something much deeper that was required in

order to obtain that elusive and really special connection. 

Finding it took a good smattering of humility, and

soul searching.  How could I ever understand how a

dog feels unless I could  not only  'think dog' but finally

discard my ego, and  potentially  unrealistic expectations

    in order to find the friendship harmony and connection  

we all seek with our canine companions. This a an

ongoing  journey  that I encourage my clients to share.  




“I was so frustrated. I know he isn’t a bad dog but I just couldn’t seem to get through to him, he simply deliberately ignores me.”

Many dog owners mistakenly blame their dog for displaying behaviours they find unacceptable, when they are simply behaving in a way that makes perfect sense to them, rather than deliberatly ignoring their owner their minds are often simply focused elsewhere.  

Like us our dog’s will engage with their environment and those around them in a way that works for them. However, unlike us they have a wonderful ability to live in and for the moment and are not constrained by a sense of morality or guilt….  To them your designer oak table is just as suitable for a yummy relaxing chew session as a piece of beef tendon and….  Yes, that squirrel is so worth chasing right now and probably 10 times more exciting that you are! 


There’s no doubt our canine companions learn habits, we would rather they did not, but that is generally our fault not theirs!  Some behaviours are innate and many are learnt and those learnt behaviours are NOT only acquired when we are training them! 

“It was as simple as that? I can’t believe we suffered for years and in a space of a few weeks he’s gone from devil to angel”.

Think we can work together?

 "I’ve got an open mind and I’m willing to accept I may have to review  some of my own pre-conceived ideas and change my own behaviours"

 "I love my dog and I’m committed to helping him with the issues he is experiencing and  building and improving our relationship"

 "I can commit to dilligently implementing a  behaviour modification or training plan (which will be drawn up specifically around my individual circumstances) with Pamela"

 "I am willing to spend a little time each day reinforcing what I’ve learned"

 "I want to learn to 'think dog' so I can give my puppy the best possible start"

If you can relate to the statements above then let's get started!

When we work together you have my full and undivided attention, and in the spirit of real partnership, I make myself available via email (and in emergencies phone and text) to help coach you and answer any questions or solve any problems that crop up along the way.



  Click the button below to book a no obligation initial telephone consultation.

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