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Pamela Hindes is the founder of Hindes Hounds.

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She has lived with and owned a wide variety of dogs throughout her life, from tiny terriers to gun dogs with her current pack of 4 consisting of two Basset Fauve de Bretagnes' and two Tibetan Mastiffs.

Pamela has extensive canine behavioural  experience having been for some time the dedicated behaviourist for  the Tibetan Mastiff Rescue Independent UK.  She continues to provide support for the breed through a dedicated support facebook forum she has created.  She has had considerable hands on  experience with day to day behavioural and aggression issues with a variety of breeds from the more diminutive in stature to the more substantive. 


Clearly health and safety and liability considerations vary from dog to dog but at the end of the day her view is ‘a dog is a dog and they all think like dogs’.  The tricky bit is figuring out what they are thinking…!  Dealing with some behavioural issues is definitely not for the faint hearted though and faint hearted Pamela is not!​


"Pamela was introduced to us at a time when we were experiencing serious behavioural issues with our two large male dogs, one being a Tibetan Mastiff and the other being a Newfoundland, Komondor, Poodle cross.

After hours speaking on the phone, we decided it would be best if Pamela visited us at our home to assess our situation.  The advice we received and practices that we were advised to put in place, have proved to be invaluable. " 

John and Vanessa with Freddie and Dave

Rochester, Kent

“Pamela was such an amazing help for training Lottie. Her passion, enthusiasm and love for dogs really shone through to make the lessons such a fun and pleasurable experience. Her tips and tricks really turned our training around and the take away sheets helped enforce everything we learnt. I couldn’t recommend Pamela and her training sessions enough!”

Nathalie and Lottie (Basset Fauve de Bretagne) Primrose Hill, London

Pamela spent 20 years of her life as a practising solicitor while working with dogs remained merely a hobby.   Everything changed when she experienced difficulties with training issues with her first basset hound.  Unable to find a professional trainer who had a good understanding of the breed and their inherent behaviours and who followed her fundamental philosophy that ‘it is all about the relationship, get that right and with the right motivational training techniques everything else follows,' Pamela commenced  on a journey that now some years later still continues.


Pamela commenced her academic study and practical training with the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behavior and Training (CIDBT) one of the most respect educational  institutes of its type in the UK (which is one of the few academic study  providers fully accredited by the UK Kennel Club). 

She has had the benefit of being trained by, in her view,  some of the best behaviourists and trainers in the UK and by the most wonderful canine companions (Bertie, Scrumpy, Yogi, Tashi and those that went before them…) and has obtained Master Dog Trainer Status  with the Guild of Dog Trainers, which is not easy as the Guild have very stringent requirements for allocating Master Trainer status, both in respect of experience and qualifications.

As part of her canine behaviour studies, she has also undertaken and obtained certification in canine behaviour including  Common Behavioural Problems, Advanced Dog on Dog Aggression and Advanced Dog on People Aggression.


Pamela is now  pursuing an Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour with the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association. Each course involves substantive study and many months of work, it has taken five years of study not only academic but also practical to reach this point.  Alongside her ongoing professional accreditation studies, Pamela ensures she keeps abreast of the latest scientific studies in respect of canine behavior and also matters relating to their health and welfare.

Pamela both in respect of her studies and client cases,  always endeavours to go above and beyond what is required,  she is passionate about not only our canine friends but improving our understanding of and relationship with them. 

She fully understands the pressures of modern family life and all that it entails.  She understands the laws and liabilities relating to dog ownership and she takes all of these things into account when working with her clients to find workable solutions for them and their specific circumstances and lifestyle.

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