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Fees &

Our fees and costs  are certain and transparent.  We understand that it is important for you to know what a service is going to cost and what is included in that service The prices set out below are fixed costs for the specified service.   Full details of our understanding of the problems(s) you wish us to address are emailed to you for final confirmation post our initial telephone consultation and prior to any face to face meeting to ensure you are happy that  the service being offered meets you needs and is in accordance with your expectations


Behavioural Consultations - Fixed Fee of £345.00 (no added VAT)
In summary this includes:-

  • ​Initial telephone consultation​

  • despatch of detailed questionnaire prior to face to face meeting

  • 2-3 hour face to face meeting commencing at your home 

  • post meeting written summary (and training handouts as appropriate

  • Ongoing telephone  support for the problem(s) addressed for at least six months post consultation

​ONE TO ONE TRAINING SERVICES (at your home/location*)

£65.00 per hour​

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One to One training services (at your home/location*)  - £65.00 per hour . Pawsomely Perfect Puppy Packages (click on links below for full package details).


*The above fees includes travel costs within a 30 mile radius of Uxbridge, Middlesex. For cases involving travel outside   of this  radius additional  reasonable travel expenses will be advised and agreed in advance


When considering our fees please also consider that many, many hours and many thousands of pounds have gone into learning not only how to understand our canine companions, but about their welfare and well being in order that Pamela can provide these services.   Pamela has been trained by some of the best canine behaviourists both in the UK and abroad.  She is a fully qualified lawyer and has applied her not insubstantial research and analytical skills fully to understanding canine behavioural science.  She remains abreast of the latest updates in her field  and most importantly she has a pack of her own and has had the opportunity over a good number of years to observe canine pack interactions on a first hand basis at length whilst living with them. 


Her extensive and continuing specialist work with large breed (Tibetan Mastiff) rescue dogs with both common behavioural and aggression issues has left her well placed to deal with all manner of breeds and behavioural issues.  She shares her life with dogs that provide unique challenges and which require a good deal of understanding to live with  The two basset Fauve's  are ardent hunters with an impressive scenting ability and the two Tibetan Mastiffs, who are a guardian breed, are simply like no other dogs........!


They all have their unique challenges and Pamela would not have it any other way.


We aim  to charge a realistic but affordable fee for the knowledge and expertise required for the services provided.