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Pam works with all kinds of different cases.

Some of her sucess stories can also be found here or for a quick reference can also be found here on google reviews.


She is the Best Dog Behaviorist in UK


John and Vanessa with Freddie and Dave Rochester, Kent.

"Pamela was introduced to us at a time when we were experiencing serious behavioural issues with our two large male dogs, one being a Tibetan Mastiff and the other being a Newfoundland, Komondor, Poodle cross.

After hours speaking on the phone, we decided it would be best if Pamela visited us at our home to assess our situation.  The advice we received and practices that we were advised to put in place, have proved to be invaluable. " 


Pamela helped us with training our working cocker spaniel puppy. She shared extensive knowledge on canine behaviour and lots more, whilst always going the extra mile for us and our puppy. We were very happy we chose Pamela and the results we got from our time with her. Thank you!

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Louise Robb

Pam is an amazing dog behaviour trainer I have a French mastiff that was a lock down puppy and was very nervous of people and dog and cars that drove past on walks. He is now a different dog he is more confident on walks and slowly trying to get him socialising with other dogs. I would highly recommend pam she is amazing.

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indigo sunshine

Pamela is an absolute master dong trainer and a complete gem in all ways. She has been so kind, caring, compassionate and full of wisdom! To watch her with our dog is a wonder - she's like magic and she cares so deeply that she just gives gives gives so generously. So informative, so experienced, we are so over the moon to have her in our life supporting us with our rescue dog who suffers with a lot of anxiety and aggressive tendencies. She has been a rock for us all. We just couldn't recommend Pamela enough 💎

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Russell Clem

Five Stars, Thankyou!

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Nathalie and Lottie (Basset Fauve de Bretagne) Primrose Hill, London.

“Pamela was such an amazing help for training Lottie. Her passion, enthusiasm and love for dogs really shone through to make the lessons such a fun and pleasurable experience. Her tips and tricks really turned our training around and the take away sheets helped enforce everything we learnt. I couldn’t recommend Pamela and her training sessions enough!”

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Tanya Townsend

Pamela is very knowledgeable dog behaviourist I would highly recommend her.. thank you for all your advise and help.


Katerina Taylor

I would highly recommend Pamela. My partner and I recently rescued a dog, he’s part hound so we were struggling with his recall when he’s off sniffing or can smell an animal. We decided to get a trainer to help to see if we could sort this out. Pamela is very passionate about her job and is always available to contact even out of training times. She also has her own hounds so understands the struggle of training them. She always tries her best to help and is always thinking about different strategies. We can safely say Pamela has a huge amount of love for dogs. It's clear that she wants to ensure that both the owner and dog are getting the most out of each other. We've had roughly 4 training sessions so far, all of which have been extremely beneficial, our hound still needs consistent training (what dog doesn’t love to chase squirrels?!) but we can safely say Pamela's training sessions have given us the foundation that we need to give us a recall we can rely on! Other than being an excellent trainer, Pamela is a genuine and easy to talk to person. Each session is a pleasure and we couldn't recommend her enough! Thank you so much for all your help and support.

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Pamela is incredible! She visited us to help with our Tibetan Mastiff who was being quite aggressive, she went over and above what we expected and is amazingly knowledgable and skilled. We can't recommend her highly enough!

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