A Professional, bespoke and effective service

Canine behavioural issues are often complex and a holistic and individual approach is necessary to deal effectively with any given problem with a particular dog and owner/family.  WE DO NOT implement a 'one size fits all'  approach.  A dog may be displaying the same behaviour as another but for wholly different reasons and it is the reason that has to be ascertained and addressed. 


A detailed  questionnaire is issued prior to any meeting to ensure as much information as is necessary to make a full assessment is gathered in the first instance.  Each client and where appropriate their family, are carefully interviewed to ascertain exactly what the issues are, as there is often more than one, albeit that it may be a particular issue that prompted you to make contact.


Time is taken to ,experience the behaviour(s) ( where it is possible and/or practical to do so) at our meeting  that you wish to address by spending time with you and the dog in the relevant environment.  You  will never be asked to do something that Pamela would not be happy to demonstrate first hand and that is not a tried and tested humane behaviour modifying the technique.

We also take the time to ascertain what you hope to achieve and what behaviours you can live with and those you cannot.  We then concentrate on the issues that are most important to you.  Some problems are quick and easy to rectify, some are not...... We ensure that you are provided with an honest, experienced and  well informed view of  what it is realistic expect and how much work will reasonably be required to reach agreed goals.  We will always take into account your individual family circumstances and work/life commitments  when working with you.  For any behaviour modification programe to work we understand  it needs to work for you.....


For complex problems there are often no 'quick fixes' but with careful changes to your respective relationships, the use of the most relevant behaviour modification techniques you can expect to see not only improvements in your dogs behaviour  but a marked improvement in your overall relationship.


All behaviour modification advice is followed up promptly by a detailed plan for you to follow.  All such plans are bespoke and take into account your individual circumstances - there is no point having a plan if the implementation is not going to be feasible. 

We are always happy to discuss any issue that you have with you and to explain what we anticipate we can do to help.  Please do call Pamela Hindes on 07539623383 or  email 

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